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Q&A   Don't know if I'm really that hipster, myself.

Shrinking boobs

I’m pretty sad that my boobs are once again shrinking. I wish they would shrink at a slower rate than my stomach, you know?
The first time I went about consciously losing weight, I vowed to myself that I’d stop the moment I realized my boobs were shrinking. This time around, I am ever aware that they are indeed shrinking. But I have decided that, for now, it’s okay. As long as they don’t cease to exist…

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Dude so I’ve never reblogged much on any of my other tumblr blogs.

It’s kind of daunting, scrolling through tagged posts! There’s so much shit that is just not appealing to my personal aesthetic, you know? Like there’s hipbones and whatever, but not all hipbones are nice to look at. I’m not so into the super gaunt hipbone look. But yeah whatever.

First world problems, haha.

— 2 years ago
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